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Soon closing


Hi Soon this Blog will close due the lag of time and not flying 2 lines anymore…             Thank you all Share

Trick studies

Hi… Now there is a section on the blog with some studies and tutorials of tricks made by mama74 GO here >  http://dualline.dk/tricks-studies/ Share

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Pigtail on bridle


* Google translated * On the kite is a pigtail with 2 settings. By changing it and pulling it out of the 2n knot away from the LE was the kite more calm and precise. In the high wind when I flew Superfly it was clear to tell the difference between the two settings. The […]

My 2nd review of the Superfly


* Google translated from Danish to English * 2nd review of Superfly. I had the opportunity to try kite in 10km winds to 28 km wind and it shows to do the job. I was flying on 25 meter lines SF has a good move and nothing gets out of hand and you still have […]

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